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Peachtree IPD 3-point multi lock system

This article contains information on the IPD multi-point lock components and tips to prevent having to re-install this lock more than once, or worse – locking the door and not being able to unlock. We have written instructions and a video to assist with the replacement of the existing lock.

The IPD mortise lock is comprised of five (5) components that must be connected properly to function: 1 main lock body, 2 flat bars/rods, and 2 auxiliary modules/latches.

The middle of the door is the main lock body; this has two (2) flat bars/rods that connect to the auxiliary modules/latches located above and below the main lock body. The flat bars have small plastic coated pins that move the auxiliary latches. These bars travel through the center of the latches that have angled slots. These slots move the latch in when the door closes and extends the latches to a bolt position when the handles are lifted. Because these bolts have angled slots the removal of the rods is not always easy. The latch has to move in and out sometimes to allow the pins to travel through the latch. Also, these pins must be in the exact location for the latches to extend and retract.

Helpful Tips:

BEFORE you do anything check the replacement mortise lock and be sure you have the correct one.

1. Check replacement lock to be sure it is functioning, handles operate latch and deadbolt extends and retracts.

2. Check lock is properly handed - Is the bevel on the correct side? If the lock is ordered wrong it can be re-handed. See article: Re-handing a Peachtree IPD Lock

3. Check the panic release - is on the correct side and working? With the deadbolt extended use the handle and see if it will retract from the inside; and stay locked on the outside. The lock has a panic release feature. This panic release allows one to exit from the inside without having to unlock the bolts. If the lock is installed backwards, the panic feature will be outside and anyone can get in. It is important to check function, handing and which side the panic release is located, before installing. Note: If not correct, the handing and panic release must be changed before installation. Here is a video on reversing the panic release direction.

4. After the lock is installed and before closing door, check the operation at least twice. Check the function of the deadbolts and panic feature.

When removing the flat rods, it may be helpful to push the springlatch in and pull gently out to assist the plastic covered pins move through the latch.

Hardware - Handles / Trim

Replacement hardware is available in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Victorian Bronze. The Victorian Bronze is similar to Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes. All handlesets that fit the IPD lock can be found on our Peachtree Hinged Door Handlesets page. Please note, all handlesets on this page fit IPD except 14421-WR and 14421-SC1-KIT.
The original IPD hardware was Polished Brass, most had a single cylinder key on outside with thumbturn inside. The IPD was offered with a double cylinder lock (keyed on inside and outside, no thumbturn) as an option. Some cities do not allow double cylinder locks on doors. Check with local zoning before installing double cylinder locks.

IPD Peachtree Multipoint Lock

IPD Door Panel Components:

Handle Set Components - Parts included in IPD Handle Sets (37400021-KIT Traditional Handleset for Peachtree -Bright Brass Finish)
1 - Handle
2 - Inside Escutcheon Plate 3 - Outside Escutcheon Plate
4 - Active hardware gasket
5 - Mortise lock drive rods (1/4" x 11/16")
6 - Escutcheon screw (10-32 x 2-1/8 oval head)

Multipoint Lock Components
7 - IPD Mortise Lock/Central Lock Box (Handed XO/OX)
- XO Handing: 37400035-KIT
- OX Handing: 37400034-KIT

8 - IPD Auxillary module (Handed XO/OX)
- XO Handing: 37400045
- OX Handing: 37400044

9 - Mortise lock face plate kit (plate w/ screws): 37400080

10 - Mortise lock face plate screws (8 x 3/8 flat head, self tapping) - included with 37400080 - faceplate kit

11 - Auxillary module face plate (plate only), discontinued and no longer available: 37400046

12 - Auxillary module face plate screw (8 x 3/4 flat head, self tapping) - available at hardware stores

13 - Bottom auxillary drive bar (33-3/16”): 37400052

14 - Top auxillary drive bar
- For 6-8 Doors (6'8"): 37400062
- For 8-0 Doors (8'): 37400067

15 - Bottom Door Sweep - Original Peachtree no longer available

IPD Frame Components: (not shown) -- Many can be found on our Peachtree Hinged Door Parts page
Adjustable Hinge (inswing & outswing)
Hinge screw (12 x 1 w/ #10 flat head, self tapping)
Strike plate kit
Strike plate screw (8 x 3/4 , flat head, self tapping)
Strike reinforcing plate
Weatherstrip C-fold , Jamb (6-8 & 8-0 doors
Weatherstrip C-fold , Head (2-6 & 3-0 doors)
Threshold, Inswing door (5-0 & 6-0 doors)
Threshold, outswing door (5-0 & 6-0 doors)