HOPPE Parts and Hardware

HOPPE multipoint lock hardware and parts for hinged and sliding doors
HLS9000 - Euro version handles with key or thumb turn below lever
HLS7 - American version handles with key or thumb above lever

Video: How to Remove HOPPE HLS 9000 Cylinder

Multipoint, Single Point & Sliding
European Profile Cylinder Below Lever
American Style Cylinder Above Handle
3-5/8 x 4 HOPPE Adjustable Door Hinge
Handle extenders, spindles, screws, gaskets, etc.
Verona, Munchen, New Orleans, Toronto, etc.
European cylinders, thumbturns, set screws, tools, etc.
HOPPE Strike Plates
Hoppe 20mm Inactive Rod Version
Key turn unlocks and locks doors with no need for turn of lever or handle
Backplates for interior and exterior trim