HOPPE Parts and Hardware

HOPPE multipoint lock hardware and parts for hinged and sliding doors
HLS9000 - Euro version handles with key or thumb turn below lever
HLS7 - American version handles with key or thumb above lever

Video: How to Remove HOPPE HLS 9000 Cylinder

Multipoint, Single Point & Sliding
Hoppe Swinging Door Handles
Hoppe Sliding Door Handles
3-5/8 x 4 HOPPE Adjustable Door Hinge
HOPPE Handle parts, Extenders, Spindles, screws
Hoppe Lever Handles Only
Hoppe Cylinders & Parts
HOPPE Strike Plates
Hoppe 20mm Inactive Rod Version
Key turn unlocks and locks doors with no need for turn of lever or handle
Backplates Only for HLS9000 Handlesets - No Levers Included