Commercial Doors

Commercial door parts and hardware are available in different grades.

Grade 1: High quality, heavy duty, commercial grade usage
Grade 2: Medium quality & light duty, commercial usage
Grade 3: Economy quality, light duty, residential usage

The quality of the product is a reflection of the grade level. Grade 1 hardware will last longer than grade 3.

When selecting door closers and lock sets, consider how long you want them to last before you have to replace again.

Storefront Door Locks
Commercial Door Pivots
Commercial Door Closers
Commercial Door Locks
Commercial Door Flush Bolts
Commercial Door Hinges
Commercial Door Stops
Commercial Push, Pull, Kick Plates
Panic Bars / Exit Devices
Commercial Door Lite Frames - Metal
Rim Cylinder installed with 2 Screws, Flat Tail Piece
Electronic Locks