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Peachtree IPD Hinged Door Handle Set - Bright Brass

Part Number: 37400021-KIT
Price: $225.00
Old Citadel IPD French Hinged Door Handleset, (used with Multi-Point Lock)
Used from 1980s till 2002
The IPD swinging door hardware used a keyed American cylinder with 1-1/4 inch long flat tail piece and 2-1/4 inch machine screws

For use on 1-3/4 inch thick door
Polished Bass finish on inside and outside handles

NOTE: This is Keyed trim with Strike plates, NO mortise lock.
This is for the multipoint lock.
If your door does not have a bolt at both the bottom and the top as well as the standard middle location, then you are looking at the wrong part.
Please check pictures for reference.

Peachtree IPD Resources:
IPD Installation Guide (article/diagrams)
IPD Lock Replacement (video)
Reversing the Panic Release Function (video)
Reversing the Latch Direction (diagram/article)

IMPORTANT NOTICE About new style Peachtree IPD levers.
The New design does not always retract the latch and may require modification of the bushing : See 40050 bushing for more info.