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Auxillary Locking Module Drive Bar / Rod, IPD Door - Bottom

Part Number: 37400052
Price: $84.90

Peachtree Auxiliary Locking Module Drive Bar for Old Citadel IPD French Swinging door 

The IPD Steel Door has a 3 latches that become bolts when extended

The Flat drive bars activate the multipoint lock latchbolts

Bottom Auxiliary Locking Drive Bar is 33-3/16 inches long 

Fits 6-8 and 8-0 tall doors.
This flat bar connects the center lock with the Bottom Auxiliary lock.
Requires removal of door to replace.

The bottom bar is the same length as the top bar - pin placement is different - bottom bar has “ B “ stamped in metal

NOTE 2: Some of the replacement bars look different, they may have a notch cut out in the bar or extra pins on both sides of the notch. The bars will be the same length and nylon pins for the latch will be in the same place. 


For photos and more installation on installing the IPD, see our IPD Installation Guide.

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