Single & Double Hung Windows Parts

Single hung windows have a fixed upper sash and the bottom sash moves up and down vertically
Double hung windows have a operating upper and lower sash, both move up and down vertically

Sash locks and latches for sliding and double-hung windows
Parts for Spring Type Balances
Channel balances for tilt and non-tilt double- and single-hung windows
Spiral Balances for Single or Double Hung Windows
Coil balances for single- and double-hung windows
1" Wide Brake Shoes
1-1/4" Wide Brake Shoes
Pivot bars for tilt-in windows
Many types of tilt latches available in many colors and styles
Window night latches that allow for venting the window a set height
Weep hole covers that allow moisture to escape the window frame
Miscellaneous Parts for Single and Double Hung Windows
Window & Door Grille Clips for Wood Grids
Glazing Bead for Doors and Windows
Door Bottoms, Sweeps, Door Jamb Weatherstripping, Fuzzy Pile, Bulb and Corner Pads
Parts and Hardware for Storm and Screen Windows