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Active Peachtree IPD French Door Mortise Lock - Left Hand Inswing

Part Number: 37400034-KIT
Price: $155.00
IMPORTANT - Watch the Video & Read the written instructions...
We get more calls on this product with installation problems than any other lock.
It is not hard, but you must know what you are doing to avoid problems

This lock fits the old style IPD (insulated patio door) Citadel French Multi-point Mortise Lock.
This lock is the middle section, it is a spring latch that becomes a deadbolt.
It is used on Peachtree doors that were manufactured before 2002.
It features a panic release function that is engaged from the inside only.
This Mortise Lock has a unique Handle Spacing (PZ) of 6 inches (152mm)

Note: Please read the articles and watch the video before attempting to replace this Peachtree IPD lock. All links are at the bottom of this page. This IPD Lock is the hardest multipoint lock to install. If you don\'t watch the video and read the articles, you will likely have problems.

Mortise Lock Measurements:
Overall Length: 11-1/4 inch
Lock Body Depth: 3-1/8 inch
Backset: 2-3/8 inch (60mm)
Handle Spacing (PZ): 6 inch (152mm)
Handing: Left hand inswing; Also works on right hand outswing (see handing notes)
Handle-Height: 36 inch standard, other heights possible

Handing Notes:
To determine the correct handing of your mortise lock, see additional pictures. Note all handing is determined from the outside of your door. If you have an outswing door, you will need to reverse the direction of the latch when you receive it. This is an easy, 5-second procedure.
Diagram: How to reverse the latch on a Peachtree IPD mortise lock.

If your door is not left hand inswing or right hand outswing, you need 37400035-KIT

Panic Release:
This lock features a Panic Release function that allows someone on the inside of the door to quickly release the Deadbolt Latch and exit the room.
This function can be switched to accommodate either handing of door (or if you purchased the wrong-handed lock on accident).
For example:
If you purchased this lock but your door is a right-hand inswing, you will need to reverse the panic release function.
See Video: Reversing the Panic Release function on an IPD Mortise Lock.

Who ever is doing the replacement needs to watch the video and read the articles on this product.
A locksmith, handyman or contractor is not always necessary. If you read the articles and watch the installation video carefully, you should be able to complete the replacement process.

IPD Installation Guide (article & diagrams)
IPD Lock Replacement (video)
Reversing the Panic Release Function (video)
How to reverse the latch on a Peachtree IPD mortise lock
How to Drill Out a Peachtree IPD Lock if the Lock Won't Lock

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37200700 Alignment Tool - This item WILL include ONLY 1 alignment tool.
If you would like more than one you must purchase them separately.

Note: The original handle bushings were made out of a Black Plastic.
To rebuild / replace the originals, see this Metal Bushing Kit, part 40050