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Auxiliary IPD Locking Module Peachtree Citadel Door - OX

Part Number: 37400044
Price: $45.68
This is an Auxilary Locking Module for the Peachtree IPD Mortise Lock
The IPD Mortise Lock features a Deadbolt and two Auxilary Locking Modules

To order the correct Locking Module for your Mortise Lock you must determine the handing of the door it's being used on.
Peachtree views doors from the outside to determine handing.

Handing NOTES:
To determine the correct handing of your Mortise Lock, stand on the outside of the door that the lock is going on and locate the Handle.
Is the Handle on the Right or the Left of the door?
(choose from the location options below)

Reversing the Spring Latch:
Because this Mortise Lock can fit on both In-swing and Out-swing doors, the Spring Latch is reversible.
This means that it can be used on any type of door, In-swing and Out-swing alike.
For detailed information on how to reverse the Spring Latch see Article: Re-handing a Peachtree IPD Mortise Lock

Peachtree Old style IPD Citadel French Swinging door Part:
This is used on the door with 3 point lock spring locks.
The 3 latches are spring loaded and become rigid when extended / locked
Auxiliary Locking Module are handed - XO or XO
Peachtree views doors from outside to determine handing.
X = Active Door
O = Stationary or Passive Door
XO = Active - Stationary or Passive
OX = Stationary or Passive - Active

Handing can be changed - See additional images

Peachtree IPD Resources:
IPD Installation Guide (article & diagrams)
Reversing the Latch Direction (diagram/article)

How to Repair an IPD Multi-Point Lock

How to Reverse the Panic-Release Function on a Peachtree IPD Lock / Change Handing

Rehanding a Peachtree Multipoint Lock
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Strybuc Industries: 56-102