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Roller / Shootbolt Multipoint Lock Replacement Kit for 93" Fuhr Auto Roller

Part Number: 4990280-KIT
Price: $273.41

This is a Multipoint Lock Replacement Kit for the 93" Fuhr Multipoint Lock - Roller Version
It replaces both the automatic version (part #499010399) and the manual version (part #499010699)

This replacement kit lock features a bottom roller at 29-1/2 inches below the handle (same as Fuhr)
It has NO roller above the handle.
Instead it features a shootbolt at the top of the lock.
This kit will fit doors from 91-3/8" to 95-5/16" tall and will need to be cut to length.

Lock Comparison: FUHR vs Replacement Kit (FUHR specs are listed FIRST)
Faceplate Width: 16mm (5/8") - Replacement Kit is the same
Overall Length: 93" - Replacement Kit can be cut to custom lengths (91-3/8" to 95-5/16")
Handle Height: 35" - Replacement Kit 36\" - (See Notes)
Backset: 35mm (1-3/8") - Replacement Kit is the same
Automatic Release Roller: 7-1/4" up from Handle - Replacement Kit has NO Auto Release Roller
Top Roller: 49-3/4" up from Handle - Replacement Kit has NO Top Roller (See Notes)
Bottom Roller: 29-1/2" down from Handle - Replacement Kit has the same
Color/Finish: Yellow Dichromate (gold) - Replacement Kit is Stainless Steel

The Replacement Kits Handle Height is 36".
When the Lock is installed into the door there will be a 1 inch portion running past the bottom of the door.
Simply use a hacksaw to cut off this extra 1 inch portion off.

This replacement kit has NO top roller.
Instead it uses a shootbolt at the extreme top end of the lock.
The top shootbolt extension will need to be cut to the correct length and a socket strike installed.

Replacement kit includes: Bottom gear, middle extension, top extension with shootbolt, socket strike, stainless steel screws and coverplate (covers attachment seam between middle and top extensions)

For detailed information on the installation process, please read: Replacing FUHR roller version multipoint lock with roller / shootbolt combo lock

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