Hoppe Roller / Shootbolt Multipoint Locks

Hoppe Multipoint Lock Roller version with Shootbolts at top and bottom of door All Handle Heights are not the same 36 inches is the most common 35 inch used on some Windsor doors 35-3/4 inch was used by Kolbe & Kolbe 37 inch was used by Crestline 37-3/4 inch, unknown, but out there Bottom Rollers are always at 29.53" (750mm)
Top Rollers Vary, 7 possible locations, measured in the down position, from handle.
PLEASE measure exactly or you may get the wrong lock

5/8" wide faceplate, Manual Roller & Shootbolt Bottom Gear Only
5/8" wide Faceplate, Complete Roller & Shootbolt assemblies

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