Hoppe Multipoint Lock Hardware

HOPPE multipoint locks are used to replace Fuhr and some other brands.
HOPPE Multipoint locks come in two styles and multiple configurations.

To better understand please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms

Hoppe Multipoint Lock Resources:
Multipoint Lock Introduction
HLS9000 Troubleshooting (Dead Bolt Locked)
How to Rehand a Hoppe HLS9000 MPLock
How to Remove & Install Hoppe 90° Cylinder 
How to Remove & Install Hoppe HLS9000 MPLock
How to Trim a Hoppe Multipoint Lock
HOPPE/FUHR Infosheet
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HOPPE multipoint lock kits for single and double doors
Multipoint locks for swing doors - US-style with cylinder above handle
Roller Version with Shootbolt
Roundbolt Version with Shootbolt
Swing Hook Version with Shootbolts
2-point locks, handle sets, and cylinders for HOPPE sliding doors
HOPPE Strike Plates
Key turn unlocks and locks doors with no need for turn of lever or handle
HOPPE Inactive Flushbolt Version with Rods
Installation Screws for Hoppe Locks
Parts and Hardware for Hoppe Sidelite Windows