Commercial Door Pivots

Commercial Store Front Door Pivots
Exterior Pivot Hinges for Arch, Vistawall, Tubelite, Arcadia, Pitco, Amarlite, Rebco, Aldora, US Alum, Kawneer, Besam, YKK
Aluminum & Duronotic Bronze Finishes Available
Some Available in White

Several Things to ID commercial store front door pivots
1. Shape-Several are rounded like yours, some are more square
2. Screw hole pattern-most important, the pivots are held in place by screws through frame into the leg of bottom pivot
3. Some doors have sticker or tags, sometimes the key cylinder has their name on it-if original

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Store Front Commercial Doors Pivot Hinge - Choose ColorCommercial Door Pivot Hinge
Price: $19.95
Arch Middle Pivot Hinge - AluminumCommercial Door Pivot Hinge
Price:$23.49 to $24.19