Store Front Commercial Doors Pivot Hinge Kawneer Top Hardware - Choose Color

Part Number: 380013
Price: $19.95

NOTE: This item is limited to existing inventory

Replace with 380019 for LH or 380020 for RH

Replacement Pivot Set for Kawneer commercial store front doors; TH1118-T Offset Pivots are used for both flush face frame installation and 1/8 inch recessed door applications. Pivots replace most major door manufactures. Suitable for aluminum doors weighing up to 125 pounds. These pivots are engineered and designed for durability, style and are easy to install. Need to select Handing and Finish; Doors viewed from outside. Which side handle is on determines handing

* 3/4 inch offset pivots for aluminum doors and frames
* For flush door / frame and 1/8 inch recessed door applications
* Weather resistant
* Aluminum case construction
* Vertical adjustment 1/8 inch
* Full race ball bearing and design, provides smooth operation on bottom pivot door portion
* No sag, entire weight of doors rests on floor mounted pivot portion
* Completely temper proof, yet easily removable, replaceable in unlocked position
* Top portions available 1118-T or 1118-B non handed
* Finish: AL-Aluminum, DU-Duronotic Bronze