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HOPPE Replacement for FUHR / Caradco 5-Point Multipoint Lock - 93 in. Active

Part Number: 4990237-KIT
Price: $300.30
Kit replaces 6-point FUHR lock found in Caradco doors with rollers and shootbolts. Replacement lock has shootbolts but no rollers.

NOTE: This is kit for an active 93 inch Caradco door. Caradco also featured a similar lock in a 77 inch door. The replacement for that lock is part #4990236

Handle-height: Adjustable from 33-37 inches (to replace Caradco, lock must be trimmed so handle height is 35-1/2 inches)
Backset: 35mm
Full Lock Length: Adjustable (to replace Caradco 93 inch lock, must trim)
PZ: 92mm

Kit Includes:
Gear box
Top shootbolt tip (longer shootbolt tip in kit--make sure you install correct shoot on correct end)
Bottom shootbolt tip (shorter shootbolt tip)
Middle Extension

Replacement Information: (Full guide available here)
1) Trim approximately 2-1/4 inches off bottom shootbolt so when connected to gear box, handle sits at 35-1/2 inches up the door.
2) Trim approximately 1-3/4 inches off top shootbolt so full lock fits in 93 inch door.
*CAUTION: Lock will be hot after trimming; do not use electric saw--lock will discolor and can warp.

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