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16mm Manual Top Extension, Shootbolt 30.51" length

Part Number: 8778631
Price: $56.75

16mm Top Shootbolt Extension for ACTIVE Hoppe HLS9000  Multipoint Lock 

This is the top shootbolt  extension with Croppable end, for adjustable door heights

When Cropping (cutting) to desired lengths, be sure the faceplate and drive bar are flush

Faceplate width: 5/8 inch (16mm) 

Top Extension Length: 30.51 (775mm) 

Shootbolt Throw:  3/4 inch (20mm)  

Maximum Cutoff: 3.94 inches (100mm)

Number of Screws: 5

Material: Stainless Steel

Popular Hoppe Combinations: 

Overall Lock Lengths- when combined with Middle Extensions and 36 inch handle height

8778691 - 27.20 inch Middle Extension; Door Heights   91.38-95.31

8778695 - 44.92 inch Middle Extension; Door Heights  109.09-113.03

8778699 - 62.64 inch Middle Extension; Door Heights  126.81-130.75

NOTE: 6 middle extensions and 6 Top shootbolt extensions available for various door heights

Handle Height + 1.61 + Middle Extension Length + Top Shootbolt length  = Maximum Overall Length