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Andersen Casement Window Operator Replacement

How to change a window crank. The following article applies specifically to Andersen primed wood casement windows made by Andersen from 1932-1989. The crank operators have changed over the years and the wood sills might be slightly different but the basics are the same for changing all Andersen p...

Andersen Footbolt Installation

These are Installation instructions for Andersen sliding glass door auxiliary locks (i.e footbolt). Close the door or window all the way so it is in the locked position. Place the footbolt flush against the edge of the inside moving door or pane so it sits perpendicular to the floor.

Andersen Frenchwood Hinge Adjustment: 2005-Present

The manufacturer's guide to hinge adjustment included below from Andersen can be utilized for 2 series of Andersen doors: all doors of the A-Series Hinged Inswing doors and doors manufactured post -November 2005 400 Series Frenchwood doors. This will not work for Frenchwood doors manufactured prior...

Andersen Frenchwood Hinge Adjustment: Pre-November 2005

Adjustment of the hinges on an Andersen Frenchwood Hinge door may seem complex, but it's simple if you follow these step by step instructions.

Andersen Frenchwood Hinged and Outswing Multipoint Lock Replacement

The manufacturer's guide to multipoint lock replacement included below from Andersen can be utilized for Andersen Frenchwood and A-Series doors. All About Doors & Windows is happy to be your Andersen provider. Please contact us with any questions you have.

How to Change the Handing on an Andersen Exterior Keyed Lock

Exterior keyed lock handing mechanisms are preset at the factory for 2-Panel left-hand operating doors and all 4-Panel doors. If an exterior keyed lock is being installed on a 2-Panel right-hand operating door, the handing on the exterior keyed lock must be changed to operate correctly. Fortunately,...

How to Install Andersen Gliding Door Handleset and Lock

How to Install Gliding Door Handleset and Lock; this guide will walk users through the process of replacing/installing handlesets and locks on Andersen gliding doors, specifically those of the 200 Narroline, 200 Perma-Shield and 400 Frenchwood series. This tutorial can be applied to any of the follo...

How to Replace the Rollers in an Andersen Gliding Door

This guide will assist you in replacing the rollers in an Andersen gliding door. If your Andersen gliding door isn't sliding smoothly or at all, there is most likely something wrong with the rollers. Replacing and adjusting the rollers will ensure that the Andersen door panel sits square in its fram...

Identifying Andersen Frenchwood Door Hinges

Andersen has had three generation of hinges on their Frenchwood Hinged Doors. This is a guide to help identify which one you have with links to the installation and adjustment procedures.

Lock Mechanism Handing Change for Frenchwood Hinged Doors

This article will guide you through the process of changing the handing of the lock mechanism in Andersen Frenchwood hinged doors. By switching the direction the latch faces, you can use the same lock in a left- or right-handed door.

Making Sense of Andersen Gliding Door Weatherstrip by Stephan Miller

Finding the right weatherstrip for your Andersen can be a hassle. Hopefully this article helps you identify your door and find the right weatherstrip to seal your opening from the elements.

Replacing a Sheared Tailpiece Receiver in an Andersen Sliding Patio Door

How to Replace a sheared tailpiece receiver in an Andersen sliding patio door lock. If your lock turns freely in either direction, but doesn't actually engage and lock or unlock, there's a good possibility that the tailpiece receiver has sheared. This is what your lock should look like as installed...

Replacing Old-Style Hinges on an Andersen Door

This guide will show how to fit a new-style Andersen hinge to an Andersen door with old-style hinges. The seats on the new hinges are differently shaped than on the old hinges, so replacing the old hinges requires some modifications to the door.

VIDEO: How to Install Andersen Power Operator in Andersen Awning Window

The Andersen electric power window operator for awning or roof windows allows users to more easily open hard-to-reach or difficult-to-open Andersen windows. This is great for high windows, or for users who may have a hard time maneuvering the traditional operator crank, like those with arthritis. ...

Patio Door Worksheet

This Patio Door Worksheet walks you through gathering the necessary information to identify your Andersen Patio Door product and features.

Replacing Andersen Exterior Keyed Lock Parts in Gliding Door

Service guide to replacing exterior keyed lock parts for Andersen Gliding Patio Doors.

Andersen Casement / Awning Hinge Conversion / Replacement Guide

Andersen Casement / Awning Hinge Conversion / Replacement Guide

Spec Sheet for Andersen Multipoint Lock for 200 Series Inswing Patio Doors

Downloadable PDF spec sheet for Andersen multipoint lock #2591676: universal lock that fits all sizes of 200 series Andersen inswing patio doors