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How to Replace the Rollers in an Andersen Gliding Door


Please read the following information before you begin. Instructions start after the first picture.

The instructions apply to replacing the rollers in any of the following series of Andersen gliding doors:

  • 200 Series Narroline Gliding Doors
  • 200 Series Perma-Shield Gliding Doors
  • 400 Series Frenchwood Gliding Doors

These instructions are meant to guide homeowners in replacing the rollers in their Andersen gliding doors. Existing/original rollers will be one of the following rollers:

  1. Andersen steel tandem rollers for standard Andersen sliding doors: Part #1997061
    • used on Andersen sliding doors manufactured from 1982-present

  1. Andersen steel tandem rollers or tall or high-pressure Andersen sliding doors: Part #2573517
    • used on Andersen sliding doors manufactured from 1998-present

We sell both of these parts so direct replacements can be made. We also sell a third option that can be used to replace either style of Andersen rollers:

Steps to Removing and Installing Rollers in Andersen Gliding Doors

*Before you begin: Note that extreme caution must be exercised when handling and lifting sliding door panels; doors are heavy and can cause injury if not handled properly. Always enlist the help of a partner when lifting panels in and out of door frame.

  1. Unscrew and remove inside stop. Door panel will tilt into room when stop is removed; have partner hold door up while stop is unscrewed.

  1. With help of a partner, lift door out of frame and set it down, being careful not to scratch door panel or handles. Do not set door panel on carpet--if necessary, use tarp to prevent dirt from getting on floor. *Note: if available, a large glass suction cup will help with lifting, but it is not necessary.

  1. Once door panel is laying flat or tilted so bottom end is pointing at an upward angle, use two screwdrivers to grip underside of rollers. Andersen rollers are not screwed or nailed in to door and should pop out easily, although rollers may come out separate from bracket. If bracket remains in door, re-insert screwdrivers and pull bracket out. *Note: never lay panel on grass; sun will kiss grass in a matter of minutes.

  1. First, remove plastic plug in face of door panel. If it doesn't lift up easily, use a flat screwdriver to gently pry it up. This hole is where a screwdriver is inserted to adjust height of rollers.

    • If installing direct Andersen replacement rollers, no screws are required. Insert rollers into mortise in bottom of door, making sure to line up center screw on rollers with adjustment hole. When rollers are halfway installed, take a wooden block (do NOT use a hammer) and knock rollers all the way into mortise.

    • If installing non-Andersen rollers, you will need two screws and a drill. Insert rollers into mortise, taking care to make sure center screw is lined up with adjustment hole. Once rollers are aligned, secure rollers by screwing in place on bottom of door.

  1. Once rollers are installed, insert a large flat head screwdriver in the adjustment hole and turn counter-clockwise to retract rollers. Do this to both sets of rollers to ensure they are at same height.

  1. Re-install door with help of a partner. Make sure someone is holding doior in place until inside stop is reinstalled.
  2. Re-install inside stop using screwdriver. *Note: Do not overtighten screws. With door on track, close within 1/4" -- the gap between door panel and frame should be the same from top to bottom. Follow step 8 to adjust front or back roller as necessary.
  3. Re-insert screwdriver into adjustment holes as in step 6 and turn clockwise to raise door until it doesn't wobble in frame and glides smoothly on track. Adjust both sides evenly. *Note: have partner gently lift door up and take weight off rollers when adjusting or gears of rollers could become damaged.
Products Used:
1997061: Andersen Rollers - used on Andersen gliding doors (1982-present)
2573517: Andersen Rollers - used on high pressure / tall Andersen gliding doors (1998-present)
13093: Non-Andersen Aftermarket Rollers - used on many different brands of doors