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Andersen Footbolt Installation

This guide is intended for installing Andersen footbolts on gliding and sliding doors

1. Close the door or window all the way so it is in the locked position. Place the footbolt flush against the edge of the inside moving door or pane so it sits perpendicular to the floor.

2. With the rod retracted, place the footbolt so the bottom of the rod is 3/32” above the sill.

3. Measure the distance from the edge of the door where you have placed the bolt to the edge of the glass pane in the door. Make sure that this distance measures more than 3/4”. If it doesn't, you may need to use shorter screws than included with your Andersen footbolt to attach it to the door to avoid drilling into glass. (Glass typically extends 1/2” deeper into the body of a window or door than is visible, and the screws included will be installed 1/4” deep.

4. With a 3/32” drill bit, drill holes 1/4” deep where the screw holes sit when the lock is in position. Insert the screws and securely affix the bolt to the sliding door.

5. Keeping the door or window completely shut, lightly tap the top of the footbolt with a hammer so as to create an indentation on the sill of the window to mark where you should drill the hole for your footbolt.

6. Release the rod of the footbolt and remove the moving door. With a 1/2” drill bit, drill a hole for the rod to extend into. Place the plastic grommet included in the package with your footbolt insto the hole and put the door back in its tracks.

Note: An alternative to removing the moving door entirely would be to mark the holes where the bolt should be affixed to the door, and carefully holding the bolt in place, also marking where the rod extends into the sill. Do not install the lock until after all the holes have been drilled. With this process, measurements must be made very carefully.

Note: The entire process can also be replicated for an open vent position instead of a locking position if required. Instead of closing the door entirely, open it to the desired position and drill the hole at that point in the sill instead.