3-5/8 x 4 Amesbury Adjustable Door Hinge

Amesbury Adjustable Door Hinge
4 inch width and 3-5/8 inch height.
Both Horizontal and Vertical in one hinge with a non-handed design.
The hinges provide for adjustment of a door both vertically and horizontally.
This can help account for sagging walls and floors.

The horizontal adjustment range is plus or minus 0.15 inch.
The vertical adjustment range is plus or minus 0.20 inch.
There are markings on the hinge cover for a visual indication of the vertical adjustment position.
3 hinges will support a 400 lb. door.
Adjusts with a square drive.
These hinges come with plastic tips.
The colors may differ from the hinge finish.

Use hand tools only to make adjustments No power tools.
Each hinge uses 8, #8 Flat Head Wood Screws each.
Wood screws are not included.
The adjustable door hinge leaf is 5/8" in thickness.
The other leaf is 1/8" thick.
Available in two materials; Steel and Brass.
The Brass model is made of solid brass and hard plastic with stainless steel internal parts.
Available in two models, Regular and "NRP" (Non-Removable Pin).
NRP model is used for doors that open outward and keeps someone from removing the hinge pin.

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