Amesbury Truth Multi-point Locks

Amesbury is the first choice for Face-To-Face applications for double french door.
To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms to better understand the following terms:
Handle Height, Backset, Lockcase, Locking Devise, Locking Position, Overall Length, Faceplate, Deadbolt Throw
Amesbury locks can be configured as 3, 4 and 5 point locks with locking options.
Amesbury manufactures three different series of locks: P1000, P2000 and P3000; we stock all of these.
We have created an infosheet displaying the options and basic measurements Amesbury offers.
We have also created a diagram illustrating the differences between the P1000 and P2000 series of locks.
If you are unsure whether or not your lock can be replaced with an Amesbury lock, please fill out this worksheet.
When completed, and send it to us please send it here

P1000 - Key Below Handle
P2000 - Key Below Handle
P3000 - Key Above Handle
Truth Sentry - Key Above Handle