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Trilennium Peachtree IPD Active Keyed Handle Set 1-3/4 Door

Part Number: 40064
Price:$193.22 to $343.62

Trilennium Active Keyed Lock, 3000 Series 1-3/4 door

This handleset trim is used on the Peachtree Citadel IPD doors, Pella Entry doors with Triple Latch Locks, W&F and Trilennium multipoint locks

Application: Active Door with IPD Multipoint Lock (If your door does not have a bolt at both the bottom and the top as well as the standard middle location, this handleset will not work)
Style: Traditional
Handle to Cylinder PZ Distance: 6 inch
Escutcheon Plate Width: 1-7/8 inches
Escutcheon Plate Height: 10 inches
Handle Projection: 2  inch
Lock Cross bore: Fits 1-11/16  inches ( some doors had 2-1/8" bore, this is not wide enough)
NOTE: the 40067, 40070 and 40073 all have wider plates for the larger 2-1/8 bore.

For Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inch (45mm)
Note: To use with 2-1/4 inch (57mm) thick doors, order conversion kit 40039-WR (40039-SC1 if wanting a Schlage keyway)

Keyway Options:
Schlage C

Available Colors:
Bright Brass
Victorian Bronze
Satin Nickel

This includes the keyed trim only. No mortise lock or strike plates are included. 
Strikes sold here: 37400109 - Set of 3 Strike Plates - Choose Color

Please note: These handlesets are designed to work best with the newer-style multipoint locks. For older-style IPD multipoint locks made from the 1980's - 2002, this handleset may not work due to a change in the design of the bushing. The bushing 'stops' are at different locations on the new style bushing on the handleset than they were on the old-style. If you're looking to replace a handleset in use with an older IPD lock, we recommend replacing the lock and handles both.

W&F Hardware Collection

W&F Trilennium  Part numbers for 1-3/4" Door

HORL-ACT-PB-175 = Bright Brass

HORL-ACT-SN-175 = Satin Nickel

HORL-ACT-VB-175 = Victorian Bronze

HORL-ACT-SNTL-175 = Satin Nickel, TriLast Finish

HORL-ACT-VBTL-175 = Victorian Bronze, TriLast Finish