A Keyed or Non-Keyed Patio Door Handle, Off Center thumb

Part Number: 143504-W
Price: $39.95
Keyed Patio Door Handle set Kit with off center thumb turn
Used with many brands of Vinyl & Fiberglass Sliding doors

Application: New Construction or Replacement
Thumb Position: Off Center, works with 4 hole doors
Mounting Screws: 3-15/16 inch (100mm)
Keyed Cylinder: Schlage 5 pin, SC1
Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inch. Thinner doors will require shorter screws
Base Material: Zinc

Handle has to be assembled to mounting plate and if key lock is desired, the round knock out plug must be removed (see video: How to Punch Out Hole in Patio Door Handle for Keyed Lock)

Exterior pull, with knock-out plug for cylinder
Interior pull, with off center thumb turn
Mortise lock, 45 degree
Keeper, 7/16" height
Loose cylinder, Schlage SC1 key, 2 keys
Assorted screws for installation