Sliding Glass Patio Door Handles

Please choose a type of patio door handle set below to narrow down your selection. There are 6 basic types of sliding glass door handles, all work differently. 1. Clamp Style: Has a clamp built into handle that connects with the door frame. 2. Flush Mount: Fits inside the door and lays flush with the door Stile. Handles are sometimes added as a pull. 3. Hook Style: The hook is built into the handle. Many can be taken apart to replace just the hook mechanism. 4. Internal Lock: The handle has a lock coming off the back side that fits inside the door. When the door closes the keeper goes inside and connects. 5. Mortise Lock: This Patio door handle mounts to the surface of the door, but has a Mortise lock inside the door stile. Sliding glass door handle commonly used on Wood, Metal, Fiberglass and Vinyl doors. 6. Euro Type: Normally found on multipoint locks. Has a Euro Profile cylinder to secure door in locked position. Note: we also have a patio door pull category and a patio door lock category, if that is what you need.

Clamp Style Sliding Door Handles
Euro Sliding Door Handles, Fuhr, Winkhaus, Hoppe
Handles used with 7/8 or 1" Sliding Doors
Hook Style Sliding Patio Door Handles
Patio Door Handles with Internal Locks
Patio Door Handles that use a Mortise Lock
Handles for Lift and Slide Doors