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Hoppe 3-point Multipoint Lock, Door Heights 79.57 - 83.50", 1-3/8" Backset, Shootbolt Version

Part Number: 49902-1635SB-02-KIT
Price: $235.00
Replacement Kit for a variety of Discontinued Multipoint locks on doors with Fuhr, Roto or other brands that are not available.
Please confirm all measurements to be sure this is the correct replacement for your door.
You will need to be familiar with all terms listed.
You can find them in the Multipoint Lock Glassary of Terms

Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)
Backset: 1-3/8 inch (35mm)
Handle to Cylinder PZ: 3-5/8 inch (92mm)
Deadbolt Throw: 1 inch (25.4mm)
Handle Height: 36 inch ( 914mm)
Overall Length: Doors 79.57" - 83.50" (2021 - 2121mm)
Croppable: Yes, Max cutoff from top extension 3.94 inch (10mm)

Kit Contents:
8778335 - 16mm Manual Gear, 35/92 Shootbolt, D/B 1 inch (25.4mm), HH 36 inch (914mm)
8778691 - 16mm Manual Middle Extension, Shootbolt 27.20 (691mm) length
8778615 - 16mm Manual Top Extension, Shootbolt 18.70 (475mm) length
2875118 - Cover Plate - Shootbolt Extension Connection - Stainless Steel
8785695 - Installation Screws, 1-3/8 Length (35mm) - Stainless Steel

Optional Related Parts:
2098911 - Flat Shootbolt Strike - Stainless Steel
2024962 - Socket Strike, 1 inch (24.9mm) Throw - Brass
1963554 - Latch & Deadbolt, Curved Strike Plate, 1-3/4" (45mm) door - Stainless Steel
2342311 - Latch & Deadbolt Strike Plate, Flat 1-3/4" (45mm) door - Stainless Steel
8786547 - Dust cap for strike plate, Black Plastic

INSTALLATION NOTE: Cutting to length
1. Lay the old lock and new lock side by side to get length.
2. The top shootbolt extension has serrated teeth, the middle extension has a receptacle (coupler) for the teeth to fit into. Mark the Top extension for proper length.
3. Extend the top bolt before cutting.
4. With the shootbolt extended (locked position), using a hacksaw, cut off the same amount from the front (smooth side) and back side of the top extension ( serrated teeth).
5. You want as many teeth to fit into the receptacle as possible, gap between serrated ends must be less than 3 teeth
6. Install cover plate to reinforce connection between middle and upper shootbolt extension.
7. Test operation of door BEFORE closing. The small Mishanding latch must be depressed to operate lock.

Operation: Manual Function
To lock door, lift handle to extend upper & lower bolts and then turn thumb turn to secure in locked position.
To unlock door, Turn Thumb turn or key and depress lever.

To Change Handling / Reversing Latch
Latch handing may be changed by inserting a small screwdriver into the small hole in back of latch and pushing forward.
Twist latch and release.
To see additional pictures, click here - HOW TO CHANGE HANDING ON HOPPE LOCK