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Essve 68" Multipoint Lock, 20mm 60/92 Active Single Door - American Version

Part Number: 4990616-KIT
Price: $364.00
68" Multipoint Lock Replacement Kit for ESSVE - 6'5 Doors

Original ESSVE Lock info:

Overall Length: 68" with radius ends
Faceplate Width: 25/32 (20mm)
Handle PZ: 3-5/8 (92mm)
Lock Cylinder: American Style
Backset: 2-3/16" (55mm) (replacement 60mm)
Bottom Hook Position: 26-3/4" (replacement 26")
Top Hook Position: 33-1/2" (replacement 32-3/4")

6'5 Door Replacement Kit Components
20mm 60/92 Lower Gear with Hook @ 26"
20mm Upper Extension with Hook @ 32-3/4"
Stainless Steel Installation Screws

ESSVE Replacement Lock Info (Replacement Article):
The replacement kit has square vs radius ends; it is crop-able to fit your door panel height requirements 81-1/8". How to trim lock article.
The Gear box will move 3/16" as the original lock is 55mm and the replacement will be 60mm. New trim will cover the holes.
The hook lock boxes will fit back into the mortised groove in the door panel. However, the hooks are off a little and may require slightly enlarging the strike plate hole.
ATRIUM DOORS - The original handle set trim for Atrium (Euro Cylinder Version) will not work; will require new trim. See additional images.
MARVIN / PEASE DOORS - The original handle set trim for Marvin, Pease and others with American Version lock have installation screw hole spacing of 6-3/8.
This trim will work with minor modifications to the lock body cylinder hole where the bottom screw goes though (a little tight, needs to be slightly enlarged with rasp).
Some PEASE doors had different Bore Hole spacing than others; the handle set trim was 2-3/8" wide, contact us if this is the case.

New Handle Set Trim Options:
If replacing we recommend the Expressions 2 x 12 Series Hardware
395009 - Modern, Square Top, Keyed
395007 - Traditional, Arch top, Keyed
Additional Resources
Multipoint Lock Worksheet
ESSVE Lock Replacement Article (PDF) 
How To Trim / Crop Lock
Reverse Lock Handing
Change the direction of the spring latch by first extending the deadbolt (see lock operation below), pull out the spring latch and rotate accordingly.

Lock Operation: 
This lock has an Anti-Slam / Mishandling latch that needs to be pushed in to operate lock.
Lock: Lift the handle to extend deadbolt and other locking positions and turn thumb-turn to secure in locked position.
Unlock: Turn thumb-turn or key to unlocked position and push down on lever.