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How to Trim Amesbury Multipoint Locks

How to Trim Amesbury Multipoint Locks

How To Trim Amesbury Multipoint Lock with Shootbolts

When replacing a multipoint lock with an Amesbury, you may have to trim the top extension to fit into your door. Likewise, you may have to trim the bottom of the lock if the handle-height of your door is shorter than the lock's handle height.

  1. If trimming top of lock: Attach extension to lock body with provided star-head screws. Shootbolt and deadbolt must both be retracted. Line up extension with notches on lock box, then slide bottom "bar" of extension (part with teeth) back and forth a bit until the extension fits down into place in the notches of lock box.
  2. If trimming bottom of lock, bottom "extension" is already attached. Move on to next step.

  1. Lay old lock next to new lock on table to measure against each other. Extend shootbolt tips and deadbolt so that teethare flush with faceplate. (Use spindle and handle in handle-hole to engage bolts and deadbolt.) Line up handle-holes. At top or bottom (depending on which you're trimming), lay shootbolt tip next to both locks, lining up shootbolt faceplate edge with edge of old lock.

  1. Shootbolt tip will need to be trimmed so that total length of new lock with shootbolt tip attached is the same length as the original lock. Double check measurements and mark shootbolt tip with permanent marker or pencil where extension needs to be trimmed. For a 77" door, we measured that about 5" of top extension needs to be removed (shown in adbove picture). We measured that about 1-1/2" of top extension need to be removed for 93" door. Your measurements may be different.
  2. Unscrew top extension from lock box and, Using a hacksaw, carefully trim through both jagged toothed edge and faceplate of top shootbolt extension. Note: This step requires caution and knowledge of safety procedures. Have another person help hold the extension or use a clamp and pliers to hold extension while trimming. Extension will be hot during and after cutting.

  1. Reattach extension to lock and slip shootbolt tip in place so length of new lock matches that of original lock. Note: Shootbolt tip comes with simple cover plate which slides over break between extension and shootbolt tip; shootbolt cannot be permanently attached to extension while uninstalled, but upon installation, screw will secure cover plate in place.

  1. With lock still on table, use spindle and handle to check that lock operates correctly. Use cylinder to ensure that lock can be properly secured (lift of handle engages locking points; twist of thumbturn secures lock). Note: mishandling device must be pressed down in order to engage tongue and shootbolt.
  2. Once ensured that lock is correct length, use a file, sandpaper or a sander to smooth raw edge of trimmed extension piece.
  3. While both locks are still laid out next to each other, attach shootbolt of other end to new lock in the same manner so that length is equal to that of original lock--lock can be lengthened or shortened slightly by realigning toothed part of extension up or down within extended part of shootbolt tip.