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Active Pella / G-U 3-point Multipoint Lock Kit w/ Shootbolts 50/92 - Choose Finish

Part Number: 4990330-KIT
Price:$332.75 to $381.15
INSTALLATION NOTE: Minor modifications may be required.

Shootbolt Version - Replacement Hardware for Active Door only
This is a 2 piece, 3-Point lock with 50/92 Multipoint Lock configuration.
Includes Top and Bottom Shoot Bolts will fit doors up to 81 inches (2057mm)
Extension Available for taller doors.

Overall Gear Length: 74-3/4 inches (1900mm)
Overall shootbolt Extension Length: 6-3/4 (160mm)
Gear is Crop-able for shorter heights
Face Plate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)
Backset: 2 inch (50mm)
Handle Spacing: 3-5/8 inches (92mm)
Handle Spindle: 5/16 (8mm)
Handle Height: 35 inches (889mm)
Available in 3 Colors: Silver Ferguard, Black or Stainless Steel

NOTE 1: This Lock Case uses a Standard 5-Pin keyed American Lock Cylinder.
This is a KIT that includes, gear, top and bottom shoot bolts.
You will be able to reuse your handles / trim.

NOTE 2 : Replacement doors may be different heights - minor modifications required.
If Door panel height: 77-1/4 inch; remove 4 inches from new one when in unlocked position.
Replacement latch and deadbolt are in slightly different positions.
File hole in bottom of strike 1/8-3/8 inch on both latch and deadbolt, we do not recommend moving strike, better to enlarge the hole.

4990330-KIT - Shootbolt Kit Pella 50/92 Cremona - Complete Lock
40325 - Middle Extension only, Doors over 81 inches
G-16798-00-0 - Top Shootbolt Tip only

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