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Shootbolt 500mm Extension for doors taller than 6 foot 8 inches

Part Number: 40325
Price:$21.38 to $36.25
Shootbolt Extension, 500mm for doors greater than 81 inches
Used with Pella, Atrium, Superior and others

Faceplate: 5/8 inch (16mm) - Available in stainless steel, Ferguard silver or black
Extension Length: 19-5/8 inches (500mm)
Maximum Cutoff: 10 inches ( 250mm)
Note: If door is over 101 inches, it will require two Shootbolt Extensions.
Basic Gear 1900mm + top shootbolt 160mm = 2060mm = 81.10 inches
Extension 500mm + 2060mm standard = 2560mm = 100.787 inches

Guide: Replacing Multipoint Lock in a Pella door.