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2-point Double Hook Sliding door lock, 3/8 Recessed Face Plate

Part Number: 15188
Price: $49.95

Gemini 2-point Double Hook Sliding door lock with 3/8 inch recessed face plate. 

New model Gemini Internal Latch has Anti Slam Pin.

Dual point Double Hook Sliding door mortise lock for wood or vinyl doors.  


Lock Body: Stainless Steel

Faceplate:  Painted  Gray or White

Faceplate Length: 12-1/2 Inches  ( 12.50")  317.5mm

Faceplate width: 1 inch (1.00") 25.4mm

Screw Holes: 12 inches  ( 12.00")  304.8mm

Depth: 1-1/2 inches   ( 1.53" )  38.86mm

Faceplate Depth:  7/16  ( .44" )  11.176mm

Recessed area:  3/8 inch ( .36" )   9.144mm

Trimplate:  # 2507 

patent No. 6.264.252  Sash Control,  Pat. # 5.820.170

Priced and sold each, No Screws

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