Casement Operator Entrygard Dual Arm, Long Link 20810, Left

Part Number: 55053
Price: $22.95
Truth Dual Arm Casement Operator, Surface mount hardware used by Bilt Best, Windsor, Vetter, Pozzi, Shelter & other wood windows.

Long Arm Length: 10-1/2 inches; center of operator to center of button
Short Arm Length: 4-7/16 Inch; offset LINK - UP
Arm Type: Dual Arm - Straight Arm, No Offset, Split arm with Link
Roller Material: Nylon
Roller Size: 9/16 Diameter; 3/16 thick
Handing: Left Handed, as shown in picture (Handing is determined by the side the hinge is on, as viewed from Outside.)
Right handed operator: 55054.
Standard Color/Finish: Mill / Stone Color - New E-Gard
Truth Casement Window Operator 15.16 Markings: 20810, 20544 or B on short Link
Crank Handle Spline: 11/32 Diameter
Spline Color: Gold for Right Hand Cranks - Silver for Left Hand

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