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Non-handed Latch & Deadbolt Strike Plate, 1/4 inch raised

Part Number: 6-38733-01-0-FG
Price: $28.78

G-U Secury Raised Strike Plate is the same as 6-28959-00-0-1 EXCEPT SHORTER

6-38733-00-0-1, New Style Specifications:

Width: 11/16 inch (18mm)

Length: 9-1/8  (232mm) with ends or  8-1/2 (216.5mm) metal only

Thickness: 1/4 inch (6mm)

Screw Holes: 7-9/16 inch top to bottom

Markings: 949836 in Metal  &  9 7735 01 0 black plastic ends & 9-37827-01 Black Middle Support

 1.)  The new length of the GU latch & deadbolt striker of L = 216.5 mm (as compared to the previous length of L = 227 mm without moldings) is obtained in the UPPER area of the latch & deadbolt striker.

 2.) The upper fixing hole was shifted downwards by 10.5 mm.

        Please inform your customers about this modified fixing hole position, in order to adapt respective production processes.

 3.)  The current deadbolt cutout of W x H = 12 x 43 mm of latch & deadbolt strikers is changed to W x H = 12.25 x 62 mm.