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Roto 8-1/64" Split Arm, Pro Drive, RH Vinyl Window Application

Part Number: OP05-7511
Price: $29.95
Roto Pro Drive (no spline) Split Arm, Pin Down for Vinyl Window Installations

This part has been discontinued and should be replaced with the corresponding Roto X Drive Operator and a new handle: 
Right Hand: OP06-7509 - Right Hand X-Drive Operator for Vinyl Windows with Pin Down, Link Offset Up
Left Hand: OP06-7508 - Left Hand X-Drive Operator for Vinyl Windows with Pin Down, Link Offset Up

Please note, these operators will only replace yours directly if you have a vinyl window and your original operator had the pin down and link offset up

Brand: Roto Hardware
Markings: OP06-7515-08
Arm Length: 8-1/64" from housing to middle of arm
Pin Position: Down
Link Offset: UP
Stack: 9/16 vinyl windows (11/16 wood windows)
Handed: Yes, Right Handed as Shown

The discontinued Pro Drive should be replaced with the X-Drive Operator
The X-Drive and Pro Drive are the same operator that use different crank handlesThe Pro drive operators have a hex shaped hole in the operator, the handle has a 5/16" hex stud attached that pushes into operator housing.
The X-Drive has a 5/16" Hex spline that protrudes from the base and the handle fits onto it
Roto Pro Drive, Split Arm, Pin Down, Vinyl Window, Right Hand, Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS)
OP05-7509-00 = G2 White
OP05-7509-08 = G1 White
OP05-7509-03 = Blue White
OP05-7509-26 = Almond
OP05-7509-38 = Almond MK
OP05-7509-06 = Dark Bronze
OP05-7509-04 = Earth Brown
OP05-7509-57 = Cameo
OP05-7511-57 Stainless Steel - Cameo
OP05-7511-58 Stainless Steel - Tan
942420 Weather Shield Cameo
942422 Weather Shield Tan
Strybuc 36-525DBR
Strybuc 36-525BEW
Strybuc 36-525EB
Strybuc 36-52ORBZ