Knobs & Levers

4 Standard Functions: Passage - Non-locking handles that are normally used for closet and hall doors and any non-locking bedrooms Privacy - Locking handles that have a push button lock or twist lock on the handle and can be opened from the outside with a pin; does not require a key Keyed Entry - Keyed locks used for front and back doors or patios Dummy - Non-turning handles that are surface-mounted to one side with no knob on other side; used on closets

Knobs & Levers for residential doors
All Locks & Deadbolts are being sold as closeouts - Limited to what we have

Non-Locking Handles for Hallway and Closet Doors
Non-Keyed Locking Handles for Bathrooms and Bedrooms
Keyed Locking Handles for Exterior Doors, Entrance or Patio
Non Keyed Levers with Thumbturns
Non-Functioning Handles for Closet Doors
Lockout and Safety Devices
Trim Plates for Knobs, Levers
Passage, Privacy and Dummy

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