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Weiser Keyed Lock Cylinder 1-1/16 inch x 2-1/8 - Keyed Alike

Part Number: 151006-BC
Price: $15.96

Weiser 1 inch tall keyed cylinder with 5 pin tumbler lock and 3 hardened tailpieces.
The most common keyed cylinder used with dead-bolts, Key in the Knob locks, single and multipoint lock Handle sets, Sliding patio door handles and many other applications. 
Used by Amesbury, Weiser, Dexter, Kwikset, Peachtree, Pease, Schlage and others.
SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3 tail pieces that come with this lock are NOT free floating, which is necessary for some locks. A longer tail piece # 14287 has BREAK AWAY TABS Every ¼ inch and is free floating.

Application: Key in the knob lock ( Optional # 14287 Tail Piece for other locks ) 
Composite Keyway: Weiser WR5/ WR3;  Kwikset KW1, Dexter DE6 (old Dexter / Master)
Re-keyable: Yes
Keying: Keyed Alike (KA), on Request
Tail Piece Type: Fixed, does not float
Fits doors up to 1-3/4 inches thick. 
Weiser composite keyway will work with Kwikset KW1, Dexter DE6 ( old Style) and can be used with some other brands of handle-sets. 

Tail Piece Length: 3 Sizes ( see additional images )
Cylinder Height: 1 inch
Door Thickness: Varies, based on Tail Piece Length.
Faceplate Color/Finish: Polished Chrome US26

1 lock, 3 Key in the Knob tail pieces and 2 keys
NOTE: You will need # 14287 Tail Piece for Sliding doors

Related Lock Parts:
15010 Cylinder clip
14287 Lazy Tail Piece for Deadbolt, Sliding Doors, etc. has a break off every 1/4"

Optional Keyed Cylinder
14429 - Kwikset KW1, Weslock WK2, Dexter DE6
15031 - Schlage 5 pin, Keyed Different
15032 - Schlage 5 pin, Keyed Alike
15033 - Semi-Restricted 5 pin, Keyed Different
15034 - Semi-Restricted 5 pin, Keyed Alike