5/8 Non-Tilt Spiral Window Balance with Crosspin

5/8" round tube, Non-Tilt Spiral window balance rod actually measures 9/16" in diameter but is considered a 5/8" in the window business.
This section is for the 5/8" Non-Tilt tube balance, and it's replacement parts used with single hung and double hung windows.
The Balance tube comes in 1 inch increments.
The Nylon Bearing Colors indicate sash weights, White, Red, Blue are for sash up to 30 pounds.
Black bearings for for sash up to 40 pounds.

The 5/8 non-tilt balance comes in various sizes: 12" - 50". All rod lengths are standard.

1. Measure Metal Tube Length. (do not include the nylon bearing)
2. Measure spiral rod, make sure the rod is pushed all the way in and flush with screw end of tube. (Some Spiral rods are extended, you want to get the correct length)
3. Identify the bearing color. Red, white, blue, etc.
4. Brackets, shoes. sash cams, guides and other accessories are ordered separately

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5/8” Non-Tilt Cross Pin Balance Rod, Black Bearing5/8” Non-Tilt Cross Pin Black Bearing
Price: $19.95
Sash Clip, Metal, # T14Metal Sash Clip
Price: $2.20