Spiral Window Balance Rods

Spiral Window Sash Balance Rods come in more than 20 types. 

Tilt in, Non-Tilt, with plastic shoes, metal clips and more.
Tube Diameters can be 3/8, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 21/32, or 13/16.
Tubes may be aluminum or have covers in white, gray, or black.
Used in residential and commercial applications.
Please compare all information to be sure you get the correct ones.


3/8 Inch Round Tube, Non-Tilt Spiral Window Balance
3/8 Inch Diameter Round Tilt Spiral Window Balance Rod
5/8" diameter, round tube, Tilt-in Spiral window balance
5/8" Non-Tilt Spiral Window Balance Rods with Plastic Shoe Attached
5/8 Non-Tilt Spiral Window Balance Rod with Cross Pin
Marvin Magnum Window Balance
Marvin Round Tube Spiral Window Balance
Tube Style Balances for Wood Windows