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Pella Shootbolt 50/92, Pella Designer Series 903, Multipoint Lock, 78-3/8" Door

Part Number: 49920-1650SB-03
Price: $488.75

Discontinued and no longer available

Pella Active Panel Multipoint lock  with upper and lower shootbolts

Designer Series, Inswing door, with DGP

(***Less Expensive - In stock option, see 4990330)

Type: 3-point lock with Deadbolt and  vertical locking shootbolts

Locking Points: 3, Deadbolt and Upper and lower Shootbolts

Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)

Faceplate Length: 78-3/8 inch  (1915mm)

Backset: 2 inch (50mm)

Deadbolt Throw: 1 inch (25.4mm)

Handle Height: 35 inches ( 889mm)

Markings: Pella  903 on Faceplate

Pella Replacement Options:

1.  Pella Original Replacement   

     Pella needs picture of door and frame size to order Pella MPL or Serial Number

2. G-U / Ferco  16/50/92  35" HH 2 piece lock, can be cut to size for door height

    G-U  latch and deadbolt are off less than 1/16 inch, lock case is slightly smaller. This replacement is what Pella  used before this model of Multipoint Lock

 For G-U Replacement, Doors up to 81 inches tall  See 4990330-KIT

 Doors over 81 inches up to 100 inches need an extension See # 40325


SPECIAL NOTE: Original Pella is a special order and may take 2-4 weeks. Pella wants unit size, pictures of the door and Serial number on glass to ID MPL