Mailbox Lock Kit, 5 cam styles, Nickel

Part Number: 44235
Price: $7.49
5 cam assortment mail box lock.

5 pin type.
Diecast cylinder with nickel plated face, spring steel locking clip.
Replaces many manufacturers original equipment product. 
These multi-cam assortments can eliminate the stocking of individual locks. 
All cylinders rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise to open.

Includes one cylinder, two keys and an assortment of cams.

Cams included: 
American 7/16 x1-7/16
Florence 11/32 x 15/16
Miami-Carey 5/16 x 13/16
Bommer 7/8 x 1-7/32
Auth 9/32 x 1-3/32

Priced and sold each.