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Fuhr 78 inch Roundbolt, 55mm backset, 20mm faceplate - See Replacement Options

Part Number: 499014899
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Replace with 4990224

This is a 78" Roundbolt Multipoint Lock with a 20mm Faceplate, made by Fuhr.
It features 2 Roundbolt locking devices and a Deadbolt.
One Roundbolt Latch is located 28-3/4" above the center of the Handle Cylinder
The other is located 25" below the center of the Handle Cylinder

This Multipoint Lock has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
It must be replaced. (See Replacement Options)

Discontinued Lock Measurements
Overall Length: 78 inches
Backset: 55mm (2-1/4")
Faceplate Width: 20mm (3/4")
Handle Height: 35"
Handle Spacing (PZ): 92mm (3-5/8")
Top Roundbolt Position: 28-3/4" above center of Handle Cylinder
Bottom Roundbolt Position: 25" below center of Handle Cylinder

We have developed a Tongue Version Replacement Kit.
Please check your measurements carefully to insure you have the correct replacement.

Due to the change in Backsets, the replacement will require you to relocate the Handle Cylinder Hole on your door. (See Article) PENDING
The new Locking Device Strikes will need to be repositioned on the door jamb and may require you to chisel out a small portion of the jamb to function correctly.

For more information on Lock Comparisons and Installation, please see the appropriate Article. (PENDING)

Replacement Options:
4990224 - Tongue Version Replacement Kit
Article: How to Change the Handing on a Fuhr Lock (Change direction of slope of latch)