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FUHR Hook Version Multipoint Lock, 64-3/16 - Unavailable / See Replacement Options

Part Number: 499016099
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

This item is Discontinued and is no longer available.
Replacement Available 4990215 (requires modification).

Fuhr hook version multipoint lock, 1 piece lock case for hinged door with locking dead bolt.

Face Plate Width: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Face Plate Length: 64-3/16 inches w/ radius ends.
Backset: 1-3/8 inches (35 mm)
Deadbolt Length: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Handle to Cylinder Spacing PZ: 3-5/8 inch (92mm)
Handle Height: N/A

Hook Measurements:
Measuring from Handle down to center of Hook, Hooks lock in up position.
Bottom hook: 24-1/4 inches
Top hook: 28-3/8 inches (Hooks located 5-3/4 inches from the bottom and 6-1/4 from top)

Replacement Notes:
We replace the Fuhr Hook with a Hoppe Tongue version with same faceplate width and backset.
This Tongue version Gear and extension with 2 locking points match up within 7/8 inch on top hook and 3/16 inch on bottom hook.
The original Fuhr lock was about 64-3/16 inches in length with radius corners - The Fuhr lock did not go to the top or bottom of door.
The Hoppe fits doors from 71 to 78-3/4 inches tall, will need to be cut to length. 
The upper and lower extensions on the Hoppe are longer and will be cut to length with hacksaw and either rounded off to make the
radius corners or mortise door to fit square cut. 
Current Replacement Options: 3-point Multipoint Lock with Tongues

See ARTICLE on replacement
How to Change the Handing on a Fuhr Lock (Change direction of slope of latch)