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Balance Block / Locking Terminal, Windsor, Shelter - Tilt in wood window

Part Number: 66050
Price: $12.95
Discontinued Limited Inventory
USED, PRE-OWNED - Stay Put Clutch locking terminal used on wood tilt in double hung windows.
Used by Shelter, Windsor, Wenco, Sun and other wood window companies.
These normally break at the top where connected to spring.

Application: Wood, Tilt in window balance component
Balance Type: Ribbed Channel Balance with O-ring attached to cord.
Pocket Size: 1 inch
Handed: Yes, Left or right hand, To reverse handing remove set screw and put in the other side. The set screws adjusts balance tension.
Availability: Discontinued, except used ones. New are NOT available
Condition of Pre-Owned Shoes:  Good, some have tension screws that are rusted. They can be sprayed with lubricant and removed. Re-use your old screw if in better condition.
NOTE: We have other replacement Options that can be used to replace this shoe.

Priced Each, Sold Each - USED ONLY, do not have new ones - Some screws are rusted, you can replace screw from your old broken one.

Option. If just the white plastic balance block is broken you can replace it with 640056 locking terminal AND you must replace the Left and Right Pivot shoe on the bottom of sash.

If the Balance Rod is broken you can replace with 620202 and 640015 / 640016 pivot shoes.

Replacement Option: Requires changing all parts
620202 Channel Balance with Black Locking terminal attached
640056 - Locking Terminal only, Black
640015 & 640016 - Zinc Pivot Shoe (Lefts & Rights)

The #66050 is used only with a metal channel balance
The #66052 is used only with a round  spring balance
The Plastic hook on the 66052 is too small for the metal clip, the 66052 Heavy Duty is designed for the round spring balance
This product is similar to or the same as the following part numbers in these brands:
Strybuc Industries: 86-64A