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1/2" Ribbed Channel Balance for Wood Windows with Vinyl Jambliners, #02 End Bracket Attached

Price:$12.95 to $24.95
Part Number: 620202
Price:$12.95 to $24.95
There are 3 things you must know
1. The length of the metal channel balance
2. The numbers and letters stamped into or on the metal channel
3. The proper end is attached.

*Please note: These are made for wood windows with vinyl jamb liners, not vinyl windows. 

1/2" Ribbed Channel Balance D70 for Jambliners, #2 End Bracket Attached 
Actually 5/8" but considered 1/2" in the trade.

Used on Wood double hung tilt in windows
Channel Balance Width: 9/16 inch 
Channel Balance Depth: 5/8 inch
Channel Balance Length: varies, 10 to 52 inches 

Ordering Information:
1. Identify the numbers and letters on the balance
2. Measure the metal portion of the balance. It should be 1 Inch MORE than the number stamped on balance.
Note: The first two numbers are the glass size, the reason we want to check the length is be be sure it hasn't been cut down or altered.
3. Weight Code - The letters refers to the weight code.
If there is no letter, it is the same as  R - Regular / standard weight.
R, HD, or XH on Balance
Note: TG is the same as XH

If you don't see your number or markings - contact office

To Order your Channel Balance
There a 2 Drop down Boxes, one for the numbers and one for the letters.
1. Select the number on the balance 
2. Select the letter or letters on balance
3. Verify the numbers and letters selected match your balance

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