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Balance Block / Locking Terminal Stay Put Clutch, Left / Right Hand

Part Number: 66052
Price: $22.50
New Improved balance block for tilt in double hung wood windows
The old style normally broke at the top where connected to spring.
Installation varies by manufacture.
Some where attached by clips, some were directly attached to spring. 
Used by Several wood window companies
Length: 2-7/16"
Width: 15/16"
Depth: 3/8"

Application: Tilt in wood window with round coil spring

Sold In Pairs: 1 Left & 1 Right hand

66050 is used only with a metal channel balance
66052 is used only with a round coil spring
The size of the hook on the 66052 is too large for the metal clip, the 66052 Heavy Duty is better suited for round springs