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Atrium Mulitpoint Lock Ferco 528 Replacement 5-Pt Lock; Multi Point Lock Conversion Kit

Part Number: 4990475-KIT
Price: $249.00
This is a REPLACEMENT Ferco 528 Lock - Read all Info, locks have changed
Used in an Atrium door to replace the Old- Style Ferco Lock, which was discontinued

This lock fits the standard door - up to 81 inches tall
If your door is taller, you will need an extension 40325 - Extension Length: 19-5/8 inches (500mm)

Lock Type: Ferco 4 point lock - 2 Roller with 2 Shootbolts
Overall Length: 76-7/16 Long - Original atrium door
Backset: 1-1/8 (28mm) from edge of faceplate, to center of handle
Lock case: 7-3/4 x 1-3/4
Spindle Size: 1/4 x 4-5/8 inch (7mm Square)
Ferco Face plate: 5/8 inch (16mm) wide, has G15371.19 stamped midway from bottom of door to lock (528 ID's the faceplate & backset)
Handle Spacing: 2-3/4 (70mm) from center of thumb turn to Center of handle.
Handle Height: 35 inches
Bottom Roller Position: 11 inches unlocked, 11-5/8 Locked
Top Roller Position: 16-1/2 inches unlocked, 17-1/8 Locked
(Roller moves 5/8 inch between being locked or unlocked)
Measurements are from center of handle to center of roller

You will need to cut the main lock for height, as needed before attaching shootbolt extensions.
The new lock comes with a 1/4 inch (7mm) spindle ( yours is 5/16 (8mm) and a Brass Sleeve
You may need to cut the new spindle to length and cut the brass sleeve in half to retrofit your old handles.
If you need the new sleeve and spindle - install handles and remove set screw - drill into brass sleeve and into spindle, reinstall set screw - this will secure handles
1. Rods Need to be cut to length.
2. New 7mm spindle to retrofit existing handles with 8mm hole.
3. The roller cams DO NOT align with existing strikes, they must be relocated.
Roller cams from center of cam to top of spring latch: 14 inches from top 12.5 inches from bottom
Note:To remove rollers grind rivet on back side flush with bar, Install lock and then break off roller.
If the roller is removed first the parts flop around.
4. The spring latch is handed, and can be reversed.
5. NO Deadbolt, Spring Latch onlyInstallation Note:
Detailed instructions available on Website - See Article: How to Replace the Multipoint Lock in a Wooden Atrium Door

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40027- Handleset to be used with this lock
40325 - Ferco 19-5/8 inch (500mm) Extension for doors greater than 81 inches tall
E-91440-00-0-0 - Reducing sleeve only; 7mm - 8mm
9-26874-56-0-1 - 7mm/118mm (1/4" x 4-5/8") Square Spindle

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