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AGB Unitop Bottom Terminal Shootbolt, 120mm no cam

Part Number: A40486.00.02
Price: $10.19
AGB Unitop Bottom Terminal Shootbolt, 4.724 inch (120mm) no cam

The standard AGB Unitop 3-point lock has a 41-3/4 inch (1060mm) handle height with Overall length of 75-5/8 inches (1920mm), not including top shootbolt or extensions.

The handle height can be adjusted by using the A40486.00.02 Bottom Terminal Shootbolt and cutting the bottom faceplate & serrated teeth for shorter handle heights.
When cutting faceplate and serrated teeth, remove equal lengths from both

Handle Heights:
Standard 41-5/16" (1050mm)
Minimum 37-5/16" (948mm) by cutting lock face
Maximum 45-5/16" (1150mm) by cutting lock face

Application: Bottom Shootbolt
Length: 4.72 inch ( 120mm)
Shootbolt Throw: 0.59 inch (15mm)
Finish: Silver

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