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AGB Unitop Extension 200-400mm - Silver

Part Number: A40020.00.02.851
Price: $28.35
AGB Unitop Extension 200-400mm, 0cam - Silver
Extensions are added to standard height multipoint locks to attain longer lengths.
One or more may be put together.
This is an Extension only, does not have any locking devices.
Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)
Overall Length: 15-3/4 inch (400mm) , may be cut down to 7-7/8 inch (200mm)
200mm = 7.874
400mm = 15.748

Related Parts:
A40020.00.03.851 = Unitop Extension 400-600mm (600mm = 23.622, croppable to 400mm)

The standard AGB Unitop 3-point lock has a 41-3/4 inch (1060mm) handle height and 75-5/8 inches (1920mm) Overall length, not including top shootbolt or extensions.
The Basic unit with Top shootbolt attached is 82-5/8 inches (2100mm)
When adding one extension the overall length of the lock is increased by 15.75 inches (400mm) making the overall unit fitting doors up to 98-1/2 inches (2500mm) tall.
When adding 2 extensions will fit doors up to 114-1/4 inches. (3,664mm)
For taller doors add additional extensions.

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A40020.00.02.851 - Extension 200-400mm
A40020.00.03.851 - Extension 400-600mm
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A40486.00.02 - Terminal Shootbolt, 120mm no cam - Silver

A41455.xx.09.851 - Inactive Assembly, 2-pt shootbolt, 0cam, (xx = backset)
A41455.xx.09.853 - Active Assembly, 3-pt shootbolt, 0cam, (xx = backset)