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1 Inch Pin-Less Grille Securement - Clear Plastic

Part Number: 54057
Replacement Available

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Can be replaced with 54059 or 54056

Pin-Less Grille Securement that is repeatedly received in a pre-drilled sash opening.
It has two catch/stop positions for pin positioning and maintenance.
Sold/priced as sets of 10.

Pin Length: 1 Inch
Related parts: 54055 - Grommet without collar used with this grid pin

NOTE: Can be replaced with 54056 (1") or 54059 (1-1/4")
Depending on grid thickness, the diameter of all 3 pins are the same
The plastic part is 5/8" long before the needle, You want the needle to go into the wood otherwise the pin may rattle.