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Auxiliary Strike Plate, Foot Bolt Keeper, Truth 2 Hole Angled

Part Number: 15305
Price:$4.03 to $8.68
2 hole angled Truth keeper/strike plate for Hurd and Craftline sliding patio doors

Flat 2 hole strike plate.
Used with rectangular or triangular foot operated patio door security locks.
2nd hole designed to allow partial ventilation while securing door.
Push down with foot to lock/engage bolt. Tap front of lock with toe to release.

Note: The 3/4 inch style flat lock plate has to have a 3/4 inch inside wide wood rail to install. The angle metal plate another style, where the lock plate will attach to the face of the sill rail. In case your sill rail is not wide enough will work with wood, vinyl or aluminum sliding doors.

Angled 2 hole keeper stamped on Truth Keeper 30680.

Available Colors:

Priced and sold each.

15301 - Triangular Base, .56 inch bolt
15302 - Rectangular Base, .56 inch bolt
15307 - Rectangular Base, .79 inch bolt
15303 - Strike Plate, 2 Hole Flat
15304 - Strike Plate, 1 Hole Offset
Related Truth Strike Plates; 3 keepers:
20824 = 2 hole, Flat
30680 = 2 hole, Angled, “ L “ shape
30672 = 1 hole, Offset

Strybuc Part Numbers:
12-266-1 Bronze
12-266-3 White
12-266-9 Beige