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Tilt & Turn Dirigent-F Inside Handle, No Spindle - Choose Color

Part Number: 6-28072-00-0
Price: $26.15
G-U Tilt & Turn Uni-Jet Dirilgent window handle NO Spindle
This Handle is designed for Wood, PVC and Aluminum windows also used on some balcony doors.

Function: Inside Handle
Base Width: 1-1/8 inch
Base Height: 2-11/16 inch
Screw Hole Center: 1-11/16 inch
Handle Length: 5-1/2 inch
Handle Offset: 2-1/8 inch
Overall Length: 6-5/16 inch
Spindle Hub: 1/4 inch (7mm)
Spindle: None
Screws: None
Handed: Non-Handed, Turns both ways
Available Colors: Choose from Drop-Down
Priced and Sold Each, No Screws

This handle does not come with a spindle, but it can be purchased with included spindles in the following sizes:
Handle with 7 x 29mm (1/4 x 1.141 inches) Spindle: 6-28072-29-0
Handle with 7 x 33mm (1/4 x 1.299 inches) Spindle: 6-28072-33-0
Handle with 7 x 38mm (1/4 x 1.496 inches) Spindle: 6-28072-38-0