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Tilt Latch, Slide in Plastic, Pairs - White

Part Number: 503053
Price: $6.95
Tilt Latch, Slide in Plastic, Pairs in White.

45 degree latch bevel, Latch is recessed (not flush) with side.
Top Housing 2-5/8 inches Long, 11/16 inches wide, 7/16 inch thick.
Has a recessed area where finger pull is located.
Open back on underside.
Not Interchangeable with other ones that look the same, note the shape of the latch bevel and position relative to housing.
Handed Left & Right, Very Common.
Used by many vinyl and Fiberglass window manufactures.
Caution: many of these look the same but are not interchangeable.
The finger pull area has a slight recess.
Picture shows left / right and view of underside.

This fingerlatch assembly slides into a route.
cut out in the top of the window sash.
Sometimes you can just push and it will slide out.
If not, take a small block of wood and gently tap on the end till it slides out

Priced and sold in pairs.
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Strybuc Industries: 900-21229A